I’m a freelance journalist based in Southern New Jersey.

In early 2016, I founded the local news website, the South Jersey Observer and I am the site’s editor, publisher, and sole content writer.

My B.A. is in English from Rutgers University. I am also a certified teacher and hold English as a Second Language (ESL) and paralegal certificates.

As a reporter, I get to the heart of the story.

I am not afraid to ask the hard questions or do the research required to get answers. I do not shy away from stories and continue to write about transparency in government.

In my hometown, I was the driving force behind implementing sports background checks and after four years, the Resolution finally passed that mandates them.

I have also landed some prestigious assignments. When President Obama visited Camden, N.J., to speak on community policing, I was there. I had a place in the press pit when a local professional fisherman won a national tournament on the Delaware River. I was also invited to be there when an NHL player returned to his alma mater for a jersey retirement ceremony.



  • Tim O’Brien Award awarded annually for the best use of Open Public Records Law.
  • Awbrey Award seeks to honor both hard-hitting investigative journalism that is public-spirited, as well as more “uplifting” efforts.


First place in the Health and Science Category for a story I wrote about a boy with a rare disease.

Photography is one of my hobbies and I took home three first place awards in Camden County College’s “Year in the Life” Photography Contest.


To reach me, please email me at: editor@southjerseyobserver.com.