What is effective content marketing?

The Wall Street Journal published an article that provides a great explanation of content marketing.

In short, “Instead of ‘renting’ audiences with paid advertising, companies are increasingly producing their own content in an effort to attract consumers’ attention themselves, with the ultimate goal of promoting their brands, products, interests and ideas.”

Four things to consider when developing a content marketing plan?

  1. How are you promoting your brand, product, interests and ideas?
  2. Is your website current and engaging?
  3. Do you have an “About Us” page that includes profiles of your team?
  4. Do you have a testimonials page that includes comments or success stories from satisfied clients?

If not, I can help. Here are a few examples of some of the work that I’ve produced for clients:

  • For the medical industry, I blogged about evergreen and on-trend deliverables. For one post, I wrote about the anniversary of a popular brand of sunglasses to use as a tie in for spa services that the client offered.
  • For the automotive industry, I authored blogs on safe driving tips and the importance of keeping your car maintained.
  • For the restaurant industry, I designed blog posts on food safety tips and chef-shared recipes.
  • For the public relations industry: I designed quizzes, trivia questions and more content for their blog.

I use my interviewing skills and journalism background to create compelling content that engages, educates and entertains your audience.

Feel free to contact me so we can chat about how I can help with your content marketing needs.